The Ship management company for future ships


ANSAMAR BV is the future ship management company for unmanned ships run by Greenhouse Gas free propulsion systems. Unmanned and greenhouse gas free ships solve two major risks, which have dominated shipping since its origin: risk on accidents with loss of human lives and environmental pollution risks.

The ANSAMAR Shipmanagement model

The ship management of the future ships is based on the ANSAMAR Ship management model. This model is developed to create efficiency in future ships and to create confidence to stakeholders such as ports and government that unmanned and greenhouse gas free ships can be operated in a safe and secure manner.

Autonomous and remote shipping

The model is based on autonomous shipping technology combined with the technology of remote operation and monitoring. Depending on the area the ships are sailing such as deep sea navigation or dens traffic areas such as port approaches, the ships can be operated in an autonomous mode or remote operation mode. The ships are operated from a controlled shore based location. Operators are working in an optimised environment and don't experience the negative working circumstances which are encountered by crews on board such as bad weather, long time away from home, fatigue, noise and vibration.

Maintenance and technical operation

The lack of technical crew on boards asks for a different approach towards technical maintenance and repair. Monitoring of machinery on board the ships is done from a remote location. The new model is based on redundancy of the machinery and maintenance models from the aviation industry.

Greenhouse gas Free

Future ships need to be Greenhouse Gas free ships. These ships will be equipped with technology which will reduce the ships emissions to almost zero. Renewable fuels and technology are necessary to achieve this goal. The use of these technologies will also alter the technical operation, maintenance and repair of these ships. The ANSAMAR Model is providing solutions for the technical operation and maintenance of these GHG free and unmanned ships.