Information company to support risk management and strategy development for future ships


ANSAMAR is an independent information company who generates clear data about the effect of Greenhouse Gas reduction measures on the shipping industry. This information can be used to assess the effect of measures and to help companies and organisations such as associations, governments and knowledge centres, to make well informed strategic decisions on how to act on this more and more difficult business environment. 


ANSAMAR believes that it is essential for all parties involved in the international maritime industry to be able to make well informed strategic decisions which helps them to manoeuvre safely towards a carbon free shipping industry. 

How do we do this

We have a great international network and knowledge on the subject of GHG emissions in international trade. We use this information to make independent assessments on the effect of measures taken by different bodies on the reduction of GHG emissions from international shipping. We use the assessments to look into the future and predict what the effect of new policy measures might be on the industry. We can combine this together with individual business information and create a decision matrix which will help your organisation or company to make well informed strategic decisions and prepare your organisation or company for a safe transition towards Greenhouse gas free maritime transport around the globe. 

For Whom

ANSAMAR works for all companies, stakeholders and organisations who are active or have a stake in international shipping. Our clients are but not limited to:  

  • Ship owners
  • Govermental organisations such as ministries
  • Ship yards and equipment manufacturers
  • Ports
  • Banks
  • Industry associations
  • Cargo owners
  • Manufacturing companies
  • Oil companies
  • Stakeholder organisations such as environment protection organisations